About Women Redeemed

IntimentLove, sex, and relationship issues are becoming more of a cultural struggle for women in America.  When sex, love, and relationships become unmanageable, it leave women feeling devastated. Our sexually saturated culture has been stereotyped as a male problem. Research proves that high percentages of women are involved in love, sex, and relatinship compulsivity. High percentages of women engage in extramarital and emotional affairs.

Women Redeemed groups provide a setting for healing to take place. The group will work towards understanding and healing issues of sex, love, and relationship problems. Each member will establish a personal recovery plan. All groups are led by clinically trained professionals with specific training in sexual integrity issues for women. For more information, please contact Pamela @ 678-858-0630 or email at Pamela@cornerstoneprofessional.com.

Women Redeemed…Women seeking hope and healing with love, sex, and relationship issues.  If you are struggling with out of control relationships, this group is for you. It will be a safe, confidential setting for growth and healing.

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About The Facilitator

Pamela-Morris-258x300Pamela M. Morris has a passion for helping heal the hearts of those suffering with addiction and relational issues. This is a shared journey toward healing and toward creating your best life. My goal as your therapist will be to walk beside you. I invite you to begin this journey with my support. I pledge to honor your strength and bring a thoughtful and genuine presence to our work together. As a therapist I have a  passion for helping individuals deal with relational issues such as betrayal of a friend, spouse, or family member.The process gives the individual the tools needed in order to heal and find a new perspective as they learn to live a healthy and balanced life. Although some of these may seem like small issues they certainly attribute to painting the bigger picture. The therapeutic process will give clients the opportunity to become the artist and paint a new picture for their lives.

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